Just some of the nice things, people are saying about us.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how grateful I have been over the last 5 years with having my horses on your wonderful yard. Not only is the yard beautiful and beautifully run, the grazing is exceptional, hygiene in all areas is consistently good – the routine on the yard is predictable and dependable.

With your assistance, Beau (my hunting cob) was well fed, fit and always in peak condition to work as hard as he did, your help reschooling him for the show ring ensured a lot of the success I had. And when I broke my leg, I knew I did not have to worry about him at all – it is so good to be able to walk away from your precious horse, relaxed in the knowledge that he is safe, content and well catered for.

Without your expertise and knowledge I am sure my young TB mare (straight out of racing) would have afforded me much more stress that she actually did – Nicky’s knowledge of feeding and exercise and Janice’s holistic understanding of horses mental state and physical wellbeing provided all the support I needed.

At this point in this testimonial I would like to illustrate how your helped me through a crises with one horse – however the truth is that collectively, the yard is managed so well, I can’t recall any emergency or injury I have had to deal with in the time I have had horses with you – just beau being a real pain to load initially – and Janice soon sorted that out for me.

Both the horses and I have enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere on the yard and the yard shows and dressage days have been a great deal of fun and help. I would not hesitate to recommend Buckhurst Farm to anyone at any level.

Thanks for all the help, expert knowledge, patience, lessons, laughter and the biggest thanks for my happy relaxed horses.

Many many thanks

Claire Battle

Kent Livery Yard Midge and Monty
Midge and Monty

Kent Livery Yard

Kent Livery Yard

Kent Livery Yard